In our kitchen:

  • Required temperature checks for prep chefs.
  • Prep chefs are required to wear masks and latex gloves when preparing food.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available.
  • Prep chefs are required to wash their hands in between tasks and after any breaks.
  • Kitchen is routinely sanitized.

Before the event:

  • Transportation van is routinely sanitized each morning.
  • 24 hours prior to call time, staff will report their temperature reading & sign safety waiver.
  • Required temperature checks for onsite staff, both front & back of house.
  • Sanitation of all counters and working surfaces at the venue before unpacking begins.
  • MBC will provide necessary PPE to staff: masks, gloves, sanitizer & wipes.
  • Front of house staff is required to wear masks from set up through the event.
  • Staff will sanitize their hands throughout the event.
  • Staff is required to practice social distancing whenever possible.
  • Staff is required to limit physical contact with other staff and guests.

At the event:

  • Making sure there are sanitizing stations available for guests.
  • When available, designate dedicated staff bathrooms.
  • When available, designate dedicated staff entrance & exit.
  • A dedicated staff person will be in charge of disinfecting shared surfaces throughout the event.
  • Floorplans will be designed with social distancing in mind: more cocktail tables, smaller groups for dining & smaller bars located throughout the space.
  • Bars may have plexiglass barriers between bartender and guest or the bartenders can wear face shields, per client’s preference.
  • Staff to wear black latex gloves for food service and change gloves every 30 minutes.

With all the precautions taken by staff to assure the safety of other staff and guests, we ask that guests also practice social distancing, wear face coverings whenever possible and not attend the event if they present any symptoms of COVID-19.