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BRIDES New York: The Best Caterers for Your New York City Wedding
New York, NY // Catering by Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events

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Whether you’re having an intimate celebration or a full-out fête, one thing is for certain — great food makes a wedding majorly memorable. But since New York City has no shortage of chefs, culinary decisions can be overwhelming.

So with our appetites in mind, we’ve rounded up New York’s best of the best, in other words, our picks for the city’s top five catering masters that will be sure to wow guests on your wedding day. Take notes!

Marcey Brownstein Catering and Events
Marcey Brownstein Catering prides itself on events with impeccable style, an attribute honed both through Marcey’s extensive international travel and her previous career in the fashion industry. With NYC and the world it represents as their cookbook, Marcey and team draw inspiration from myriad cultures to create unusual and delectable hors d’ouevres, entrees, desserts and cocktails. They make almost everything from scratch, from demi-glace down to vodka diffusion — they even make their own raisins! MBC caters at style-centric venues such as The Foundry, The Glasshouses, and Top of the Garden, to name a slight few. One of their greatest honors is to be the caterer of choice for many weddings of top chefs and restaurateurs. Read real brides’ reviews here!